Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September Morn

        September holds some of my most treasured memories.  They are  folded into its lovely end-of-summer idyllic weather, the cobalt blue of its skies and the tastes and smells of harvest time.

       My memories include a long ago day  that proved to be  perfect for a wedding, innumerable 'first-day-of-school-days', a fairy tale trip across the world to a sweet, romantic tryst with the love of my life, numerous weekend get-aways to Montauk Point to celebrate anniversaries,  and an old sailboat, bought in, and named for,  this lovely month.

      My Septembers are now tinged with grief, a numbing sadness I share with so many others.  I seek solitude during this time, trying to knit together the joy and the pain.  

     Sunday I went hiking with my soulmate.  We walked in silence for many hours.  

     Here are some photos from our hike.  

A good place for reflection

The first tinges of scarlet

How could you not love a place with this sign!

Living on an island, we are surrounded by wetlands

There was a red-tailed hawk up there

Sun-slant is exquisite in September

Beach grasses, still green

Two red-tailed hawks 

Strange fungi growing on the path

Mugwort, a common weed, smells wonderful!

Alone with our thoughts

A prayer for today :  Peace be with you.


  1. You've captured the gentle beauty and the terrible agony of September so well.

  2. Beautiful message and photos, Barbara. xxoo Nancy

  3. Thankyou for sharing the lovely photos from your hike.

  4. Beautiful photos - I like the bridge and its reflection.


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