Friday, March 30, 2012

Welcome To The Healthy Nut

     After a rewarding career in nursing, I can honestly say that I learned more from my patients than I ever taught them.  Now that I'm retired, it's time to take care of myself and I plan to use all the wisdom I received from the elders I was privileged enough to care for during the last twenty years, to live a joyful, healthy life until I die-  hopefully with my hiking boots on! 

    For me, being healthy isn't about a mythical trim body, or about how fast I can walk a mile.  It's about the here and now.  Finding joy in every moment and sharing it if possible. 

   Certain things are important to me in my scheme to live the good life amidst the chaos and dysfunction in the world around me. I think the list below covers it, although, if something else occurs to me, I can always amend my list.

1) Prayer -  listening to God
2) Nurturing relationships - spouse, family, friends, strangers
3) Nature - capturing it in photos, in poems and spending as much time outdoors as I can
4) Walking - everyday, rain or shine.
5) Food - cooking and eating with joy
6) Mindfulness - meditation and  living in the here and now.
7) Leisure - gardening, writing, reading, sailing, hiking, traveling and more
8) Service to others - if not now, when?
9) Concern for the planet - before it's too late
10) Laughter -  God has a sense of humor and besides, it feels so good to laugh

These are the things that matter to me, things worth writing about, sharing.    So come along with me, share the journey.   Please comment whenever the spirit moves you.  Welcome to my blog!

Today's Take-Away-  I want to find joy in the present moment and share it.

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