Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Autumn

I've been out and about taking photos and walking a bit.  There isn't a more beautiful time of year on Long Island than autumn.  The weather has been perfect the past two weeks and the colors are in high gear. 

    I have hundreds of photos and  I'm still experimenting with different photo programs.  Here I attempted to blur a photo to achieve an impressionist painting effect.  If you click on the photo, you can get a closer look at the effect.

   My poems keep flowing out of the photography and the walks.  I am working toward poems and images that compliment each other indirectly. Ideally, the relationship between the image and the poem is a subtle one. 

    Below is the actual photo, right out of the camera with no enhancements or changes.  The colors are so vivid.  It was a stunningly beautiful afternoon.

  My recovery from surgery is now complete and I can finally begin a real exercise program.  It is a bit discouraging to have lost so much ground in such a short time but - I begin again.  I will be posting- hopefully - about my progress in the future.
  My plan is a simple one.  I have to regain strength which I lost over the past several months.  My legs are weak and I can feel the weakness every time I walk up stairs or stand up.  I have a weight -lifting regimen I will be doing three times a week.  On the other days I will walk.  I am already able to walk a leisurely 2 miles so next I will concentrate on speeding up and then gradually increasing my mileage. Can't ask for better weather for walking!
Thought for today - Seize the Day! Or Carpe Diem as they used to say in the really olden days!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


  Did I ever mention that October is the best month of the year? 

  Where I live, October is usually day after day of perfect weather with birds of every description and color coming and going. There is nothing to complain about where October is concerned! (Well, maybe one thing, but I'll get to that later.)

With  the bluest  of blue skies and  a slow dance of color marching across the woods, October is the most photogenic month!

I am so inspired at this time of year... to walk in the woods or at the take a gazillion photos...... and to write poetry.

October you could be a heartbreaker but I won't let you do that to me!  Where the coming cold weather is concerned, I have adopted Scarlett O'Hara's philosophy......'I'll think about it tomorrow!'  Nothing can spoil this for me. 

(The first haiga is for my mother, who is forgetting everything.)

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