Monday, August 5, 2013

Lazy Days of August

  I love August! 

  My days are lazy and my 'to-do' list is a joy to behold!

 1) It begins and ends with wandering around in the garden chasing butterflies, bees and hummingbirds, with camera in hand, of course.  

  2)Pinching the flower tips off the basil is another important 'job' for this month.  It promotes more leaf growth which, in turn, makes more pesto!  Making pesto is a late summer ritual for me.  I make enough to freeze it in ice cube trays for use all winter. (I add those pinched flowers to my salad.....ummm good)

3) Next on the list is watching the veggies and herbs grow so I can 

4) Harvest herbs and veggies, a few at a time.  Hot peppers, mint for winter tea, fennel seeds, rosemary and sage and of course, oregano are some of my favorites.  This job also requires spending a leisurely morning, wandering around outdoors in the garden. 

   5) Every day or so, I venture out, scissors in hand, to pick a few flowers.  Bouquet-making is a relaxing job, collecting scents and bursts of color to brighten up a corner of the house.

   6) There is no better time than August to catch up on one's reading!  My selections for the next few weeks include 'Defending Jacob' by William Landay,  'The Round House' by Louise Erdrich, 'The Principles of Uncertainty' by Maira Kalman and 'Turn My Mourning into Dancing' by Henri Nouwen.

   7) Oh, and did I mention chasing butterflies?

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