Saturday, April 12, 2014

April Gifts

This morning I woke up at 5:50 AM and stumbled out to the sunroom to watch the sun come up.  It was still quite dark and the first thing I noticed was the bright morning star  still twinkling in the fading darkness.  I heard (a very early) wren singing at the top of it's joyful lungs.  Grabbing my first cup of tea, I had a few minutes to enjoy the silence of dawn and count my blessings.  

Within a few minutes one of my most delightful blessings came out to join me.  My 9 month old grandson was wide awake and gurgling with that early morning joy that babies always seem to have.  He and his parents have been staying with us since shortly after Christmas and they are set to move into their new home in time for Easter, so my days of seeing him every day are numbered and more precious than ever.

Since this was Day 2 of spring-like weather, I grabbed my camera and went to inspect the garden after MG left for his first nap of the day. (How blessed is he?) The early morning light brought a soft glow to the trees that surround my yard and I can almost hear the new buds setting themselves free, at long last.

I found evidence that the peonies survived the winter, their gangly red heads poking through the recently softened earth.

The Siberian scilla, my favorite shade of blue, have been blooming for a few days but they looked especially handsome in the sunlight this morning.

My spring hunt for signs of life turned up a few Solomon's Seal, one of the hardiest plants around.  It is a woodland wild flower which will spread nicely in the shade.

Yesterday there was no yellow in the whole yard, but today----LET THERE BE SPRING !!! The daffodils have opened, there is yellow everywhere and all is right with the world!

We are moving our herb garden this spring which entails digging up a new garden.  The old spot has grown too shady in the past few years (perfect for the patio I envision) so the herbs are moving into the sun.  My sweet digger plans to begin this project soon.  I'll keep you posted.

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