Saturday, April 25, 2015

Back In The Garden

Today we were finally able to get our hands dirty in the garden.  It was glorious!  After such a harsh and relentless winter, it felt so good to touch the warming earth.

As I cleaned out the beds and clipped back the plants in need of a haircut, I couldn't help but notice how marvelously the earth rejuvenates itself every spring.

In spite of a wicked cold winter, the perennials and shrubs and trees were sending out the shoots of new life.  The Weeping Cherry, a bit late this year, is ready to pop when the temperature goes up a little more.

And who could possibly frown once they have been greeted by the sweetest yellow daffodils in the world - a sight for winter eyes, if ever there was one.

Last week there wasn't a single sign of the peonies but low and behold, they are a foot tall this week!  Isn't that amazing.

If a garden is the metaphor for our life cycle as humans, then there is surely much to be hopeful about and there is no better time to celebrate that than in the spring.  Just look at how this hosta is rising up from the dead leaf mold of last autumn's debris.  Easter, indeed!

After an afternoon of stretching and bending, I sat down to rest for a few minutes.  (One of the perks of being in our age group is lots of time to rest and smell the flowers, or in my case, photograph them)  

I spotted the moon - the day moon - just creeping over the  top of the cherry tree.  For some reason this gave me great pleasure.

Later I noticed this fellow helping himself to the tender new leaves just sprouting on this oak.  He is our resident acrobat, the one who keeps us entertained all winter.

The newly planted herb garden seems to have wintered over nicely.  All of the perennial herbs have returned and
are starting to grow although none of them were ready for a close-up today.

Already I am planning to move a few things, add a tree and  I'm figuring out where and when to plant annual herbs and flowers.

Take Away for Today 

 Spring gardening rejuvenates my body, mind and my soul.

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