Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Making a List, Checking it Twice

    Autumn, like spring ,  brings out the list-maker in me.  I have always  made check-lists,  whether it was during my nursing career when  I needed to keep track of many patients and the specifics of their care, or my children's toddler years  when there was barely controlled chaos and a list grounded me to the essentials of keeping food on the table, clothes in the drawers and preventing the dust from being any more than ankle deep.

   With retirement, comes a new yearning for lists to  help steer the flow of my days.  It's not just that I need help remembering what I HAVE  to do.   I make a list nowadays, to ensure that I am fitting in the things I WANT to do.

   So, now I make two lists!   One is the GOTTA DO LIST and the other is the WANNA DO LIST.  But really, why wait until you are retired to do the enjoyable things?  Seems to me I should have thought of this a long time ago.

   Here are my lists for the fall:

  •     Get out the warm clothes
  •     Shop for a carpet for the sunroom
  •     Plan for the holidays
  •     Clean the house
  •     Clean out the garage
  •     Organize my poetry notebook

  •      Write  a poem everyday
  •      Hike once a week
  •      Exercise everyday
  •      Continue drying and preserving herbs, making teas, tinctures and ointments
  •      Plan my garden for next year and make changes before it gets too cold
  •      Seek out silence for a part of the day, for meditation and prayer
  •      Notice summer's graceful exit and autumn's fiery entrance on the stage outside my window.     
  •      Ride my bike
  •      Practice  taking photos
  •      Spend time with my favorite people 
  •      Be outdoors as much as possible

    So.  Realistically speaking, I'm going to have to free up a few hours to squeeze all of this into my life, since I haven't mentioned many, many other things that are part of my days, like  shopping and bill paying for two households and  spending time every week with my grandson.  Oh,   did I mention cooking,  blogging and  reading for a course I'm taking? 

      So.  Since I don't watch TV, I'm thinking I may have to quit sleeping!  Seriously, my point here, is to remind myself that the WANNA DO list is just as important as the GOTTA DO list.

Thought for today - No matter how busy my life is, I make time for the things that make me feel whole.


  1. We all have our lists, but it's so tough to follow them ;-)

  2. Wow! I love both the lists, but the things you wanna do is simply amazing. :) I love the ambience of the blog here. I promise would be a loyal follower :) Thanks :) Take care

  3. This reminds me of something I see with my students. When I ask what they want to do after school, they have fantastic ideas like read with their parents, ride their bike, play with siblings/pets. But when I ask those same students what they did last night they tell me with very few exceptions that they sat in front of the TV. I wonder if we know what is most healthy, but have difficulty following through because it is so easy to turn on the tv or xbox. I enjoyed reading your lists.

  4. The cool breeze I felt as I took my morning walk reminded me that it is time once again to "Switch the clothes over." It is time to re-commit to my St. Vincent de Paul bag. 1 item in the donation bag for every item I bought new this year. My key to know when I am being greedy is if I have to buy more clothes hangers. Just say NO to more hangers, and Yes to St. Vincent.

  5. Barbara--I love this!! I'm a list person too--gotta start on my wanna list :-)


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