Tuesday, November 27, 2012

VIEW FROM UNDER THE SLIDE Or Further Adventures with Orange Sneakers


a young prince
builds a magical palace
in her heart


   The long shadows of late autumn followed us to the playground this week.  Orange Sneakers was intrigued with his shadow and asked "Why is my shadow  so much bigger than I am?"  A discussion about the sun's position in the sky at this time of the year ensued. 

    Once his curiosity about shadows is sated, the conversation turns to fossils.  His friend at school showed him a fossil and now he is intent upon digging up the playground in search of his own specimen.

  He finds a sturdy stick and begins his quest through soil packed tighter than cement.  


A patient boy, he continues digging until he unearths what, to him, looks like a fossil.  We pack it up in a tissue to bring home.  He wants to show his mom and dad.

When he tires of fossil hunting, he  decides it is time to run around and his next adventure begins.  "I'm looking for sculptures," he exclaims as he runs off to play on the jungle gym.  

Within minutes, I am unable to capture him on my camera, as he darts around looking for new heights to scale, babbling all the while about his intention to build a sculpture garden.(Precipitated by a recent visit to Storm King, no doubt.)

I linger  a moment on a seat under the slide, where I can see him and notice the play of the long shadows and the playground sculptures all around me.

Would I have noticed these lovely angles, these potent views if Orange Sneakers had not heightened my senses?

Finally, he returned to the 'digging place' where fossils and sculptures and shadows live in his glorious four year old imagination.

As I stood there I noticed that my shadow encircled my precious boy and I whispered a silent prayer that he always be surrounded by love, as he is today.

Here's a link to more "Adventures with Orange Sneakers" :What Fun!

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  1. Sigh ... what a lovely post, Barbara! It's amazing what we see when we remember to look through the eyes of a child ... especially one we love!

  2. Miła zabawa z wnukiem i cieniami. Ślicznie to pokazałaś na zdjęciach. Pozdrawiam.
    Nice playing with his grandson and shadows. This beautifully showed us the pictures. Yours.

  3. Absolutely wonderful post, haiku and photos ~ All very creative and expressive ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  4. such joy, and love in this post!

  5. What a joy these pictures and haiku, for this young prince has built a magical palace in my heart as well...

  6. your post filled my heart with cherished memories of my son when he chased his shadow, dreams and endless explorations into the world one step in any direction!
    thank you and orange sneakers for such perfect JOY!


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