Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What Fun!!

What Fun!

        Now here is a sight to make an old woman's heart sing,
out of tune perhaps,
 but nevertheless......

An almost four-year-old
 with brand new orange sneakers
on a brilliant October day,
What fun!

'Lets go to the park,' says Orange Sneakers
'I want to be a leaf-blower 
and clean up all the leaves!'

 Off they go to the park,
 to hunt for monsters
build a campfire in the  playground,
boil some leaves for tea
and best of all 
 pretend to be really, really, really big leaf-blowers!

How great is that,
to be almost four
 AND be a really, really, really big  leaf-blower
 in October,
in a park full of deciduous trees?

When the shadows grow long, 
the leaf-blower and his grandparents 
head for home,and on the way,
Orange Sneakers  informs his audience  
'I came out of Mommy's belly,'
'Whose belly did you come out of?'
he asks,
 'I came out of GG's belly',
his grandmother says.
Then a siren sounds  on the street
and a hook and ladder goes by,
 and little Orange Sneakers
dashes off to put out a fire.

At home,
 sneakers come off with a flourish
       and grandson becomes...........
leaping over sofa cushions, er...
tall  apartment buildings,
 driving 'vehicles' to Paris, France
and making up rules for unsuspecting grandparents,

'Everyone HAS to take their shoes off  in the house.'
'I don't HAVE to eat Brussel sprouts'
'I AM allowed to climb up to the top of the sofa'
'I don't NEED a shampoo tonight.'

'Oh really,' says grandmother,
'Is that so,' says grandfather.

When it is time to leave,
 Super Pig morphs into  grandson
and offers  hugs and kisses
to grandmother
 and grandfather too.

'Can we go to the park when you come again?'
'Yes, we can!'


  1. I absolutely love it.
    You must be his "Favorite Grandparents House" to visit.

    1. They were absolutely right at the workshop today, this is a children's book in the making ... A picture of Super Pig launching himself over the cushions. A picture of the two of you in the park playing at being giant leaf blowers. It will work.

  2. How great is that to be almost four! I love this, orange sneakers, leaf-blowers and all.

  3. Adorable. Loved every single word. As you clearly loved every single minute!

  4. Wonderful it is to have kids around! More so when they choose to be having fun involving our presence. We're young again Barbara! Nicely!


  5. The enthusiasm and imagination of a it!

  6. Almost four is a wonderful age. I was with you during the whole adventure.

  7. Wonderful reminiscence of a day with a precious pre-schooler. And the orange sneakers are a terrific hook. Nice!

  8. Aww what a sweet grandson. Sounds like you did have a lot of fun. Love the photo of the orange sneakers :)

  9. aloha Barbara - the fun read of a fun day. i can sense the treasure this child is and this day will be for years to come. around a thanksgiving meal some day - "Remember those orange sneakers on that long ago autumn day" - way cool. aloha.


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