Sunday, October 14, 2012

Perhaps the Wind Knows

Jones Beach West End 

Perhaps the Wind Knows

 The reeds make music
in their own greening voices,
 they touch each other
and the rustling rises like an anthem,
they don't ask for meaning,
 just quiver with life,
and when the breeze passes by 
they stand in ecstasy.

A falcon rides an updraft, 
 above a sun-beaten shore
not questioning but soaring,
wings sing as it dives to find
 an unsuspecting field mouse
whose final screech is unheard,
except by the breeze.

 Walking  for miles and miles,
mind wandering and pondering
the evidence of life all around,
 eyes sting with the joy of autumn goldenrod,
born of sand and salt
 ears ring with the humming cadence of bees,
sucking the last of the nectar.

Soon there is only the sound of breathing,
and I shiver and melt into the day moon.




  1. I get a sense of peace from reading this poem. So very filled with the beauty of nature. I can just see that falcon rising!

    So glad you found Poetry Pantry. Hope you will return every week. The earlier Sunday the better. Also, hope you will return on Wednesday when Ella does a prompt here. We have fun!

  2. Such a beautiful poem, full of glorious images of nature. Love the falcon soaring, and the "autumn goldenrod, born of sand and salt." Lovely.

  3. Walking for miles and miles,
    mind wandering and pondering
    the evidence of life all around

    To be surrounded with nature is so exhilarating. Wonderful verse Barbara!


  4. A lovely richly descriptive. Love the title--really enjoyed this write!

  5. "Soon there is only the sound of breathing,
    and I shiver and melt into the day moon." - Loved it !!!

  6. Ahh.... this is beautiful..I was 'there'
    Loved this:

    quiver with life,
    and when the breeze passes by
    they stand in ecstasy.

    The imagery of the falcon and its wings was wonderful. What a lovely walk you took us on.

  7. This is one Of my favorites. Love the reeds standing in ecstasy, and really all of the images

  8. Just beautiful ... isn't walking out into the world sometimes the most soothing thing one can do?

  9. You had me standing on the field of sand and grass, as the whispering wind of Autumn blew chills deep into my bones with every line I read... I need a cup of tea.

  10. Barbara,

    I felt as though I was walking with you...such was your wonderful description of a great walk...Beautiful.


  11. Barbara--I loved the greening voices.

  12. I enjoyed this - you express the beauty of acceptance well in the first two verses, and I really like the final two lines.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I am not happy with the third segment of this poem and am revising it or eliminating it. I often find that my poem actually ends waaaaaay before I do!!

  13. Oh....I was just about to say the same as Susan...I really do like "greening voices," also "born of sand and salt," beautiful writing all together, Barbara!!

  14. What a blessing to walk "for miles and miles" as various subjects dance through the mind as my senses are filled with nature. This is beautiful, Barbara.


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