Monday, October 1, 2012

Segue to October

       Although the  garden is still mostly green and many plants are still blooming, there  are definite signs that summer is over and the whole landscape has  a new persona.  If it was audible, it would sound like the garden was sighing.

   The shadows change  at this time and observing how the sun manages to get right inside of the plants and trees as they first put on the bright colors of autumn and then slowly undress is one of the joys of the coming month.

  Right now, on this first day of October, many of the summer flowers linger and there is still much to be harvested.

 Autumn bloomers kiss the summer bloomers goodbye.

Herbs and flowers ready for preserving

Goldenrod opening a week or so  ago

These day lilies were a gift from my neighbor last year.  They start blooming in June and hang on until October.  Amazing!

Still a few butterflies around this bush everyday.

The cardinal flower vine never bloomed until late August, just when the hummers arrived.  It is still going strong -tying up the wind chimes and heading for the weeping cherry.

Look closely to see my little friend!

The Montauk Daisies save their show until the first week in October.

Sedum is another late summer into autumn bloomer.  The bees love it  and so do I.

The mums are showing off the first golds and rusts of the season.

Goldfinches will come for these spent coneflower seeds

                   The knowledge that soon all will be brown makes me savor the colors now.

In a few weeks,  the whole tree will be gold

Although this clematis finished blooming last week, it still looks lovely.

Late blooming roses will be a gentle reminder of summer days until early November


october gold
spend it wisely



  1. The flowers are really fresh and beautiful !!!

  2. Great idea, Barbara! Outdoors for October! With the greenery and beauty shown I would gladly take it up! Great pics!


  3. Stunning :D and thankyou for your kind comment on my blog x

  4. Ciesz jak najdłużej oczy swoimi jeszcze pięknymi kwiatami i niech Ci jak najwięcej kolibrów fruwa. Pozdrawiam.
    Enjoy as long as your eyes are beautiful flowers and let you all the hummingbirds fly. Yours.

  5. Thanks for naming all the flowers here. I'm not so familiar with their names. I get excited when I discover a new one :-)
    It's wonderful the way you presented them here and the captions are lovely. I would love to see the Montauk daisies bloom. I hope you will post a photo here and let me know if you do.
    Yes, we should spend our time wisely and enjoy the rest of the season. :-)

  6. I concur with your Hiaku! Nice side photo of the light house♫♪


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