Monday, October 22, 2012

Pre- Election Agita?

  Has the media-mania in the run-up to the election got you down?  Are you jumpy?  Angry?  Not sure why you are so upset?

  Perhaps the constant bombardment by feverish pundits and news 'commentators' has you a bit on edge?

   Have they convinced you yet that the world will end if so and so is elected or reelected depending on who is speaking?

    You already know who you are voting for, right?  So why stress out about something over which you have little control.
     Here's how I am escaping the hype without flying to a remote island in the Pacific.  I:

                  *** Shut the TV and radio "news" off. (OK I will watch the debate, but nothing else especially not anyone else's take on the debate.  I can make up my own mind, thank you very much!)
                  *** Read the paper if I want to know the news.

                  *** Kick back and listen to some soothing music.
                         Here's and hour or so of wonderful Chopin Nocturnes to help              
                         block out the craziness.

                   *** One more thing:   Vote!


  1. Such wisdom! You are so right. The media is creating a frenzy of nonsense. Let's all turn off the TV and relax - after the debate. :)

  2. Very appropriate. Was away for the weekend and we hardly had the TV on. Very good suggestions, including to vote! Very important. If you don't, you don't have the right to complain! xxoo Nancy

  3. Excellent conviction. We all know whom to vote for, public is not blind to get into media frenzy :) They are aware of the nitty grittys :)
    Take care

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  4. Hi Barbara :-) I've definitely had enough of the election....and it's not even ours!! We get lots of coverage over here and I'm a bit of a news addict so have seen more than my fair share. This beautiful music certainly is the perfect antidote :-) I wish I had time to listen to it all right now ( I have stayed longer than I should! ) but we do have it in our collection and I shall put it on this evening, it is so relaxing!

    I also looked back at some of the lovely posts I missed recently. You have written some beautiful poetry!

    Thank you so much for visiting me after my absence, I was so touched that you didn't abandon me :-)

  5. I am an election junkie, but I must say even I have had enough of the sometimes vicious attacks.

  6. Replies
    1. Try WQXR 105.9. All music no commercials. Perfect!


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