Thursday, January 17, 2013

Time for a Make-Over and Other Bits and Pieces

  I haven't been posting so much this month but that doesn't mean I haven't been writing.  I did a bit of a make-over on the design of the blog, as you can see. I changed the color scheme , going for a wintery white, clean look.  I couldn't resist putting some veggies in the back round though, just because....I like them!

    The most important change I've made is to the sidebars.  I peruse many blogs on a variety of topics and, to make it easier to do some blog-hopping, I divided them into categories.  So feel free to check out some of my favorites.  I plan to add more, as I find new ones that I enjoy.

    Since I don't do TV,   reading has become my leisure 'vice.'  I read everything........ recipes, book reviews, poetry, prayers, articles about health and wellness, fiction  etc, etc. and  many  blogs offer  nourishment for me.   I am especially fond of poetry sites and you will find many of those on the sidebar.

    Recently, I've been writing poems - lots of them!   This gives me a sense of peace, a feeling of accomplishment, and, if nothing else,  a wonderful hobby to pass the winter months, as I wait for my garden to reawaken.  In a word, writing poetry fills me with joy! Perhaps one day, I will let you into my poetry garden!

one moment at a time
into poetry

  Yesterday  I went to visit my almost-bed-bound mother.   I brought her some fruit compote along with  her weekly groceries. She loves sweets and is especially fond of this compote which she says "keeps things moving." Her memory fades with each passing week and  she has stopped trying to keep track of her life.


old mama
she's forgotten everything
except her children


     When I got in the car to come home, I spotted the car-seat we installed for my grandson and the irony of that hit me over the head.   I am certainly a member of the 'sandwich generation.'


a little boy says
'amma, tell me everything
about the universe'


   I feel  blessed to have my mother still with us and a young grandson to keep me on my toes. He still thinks Pappa and I know 'everything' about the universe!   Very soon, I suspect,  he will know infinitely more than we do.  Right now, we can still answer most of his questions.  He is coming to visit us for a 'sleep-over' this weekend. That means I have to put my running shoes on to keep up with him.  The good news is,  he'll probably love the fruit compote too!!  Here's the recipe.

Fruit Compote

1/2 lb dried apricots
1/2 lb dried prunes
1/2 lb raisins
1 stick of cinnamon
1 piece of ginger chopped
1 apple cut up
water to cover

Cook on a low flame for about 1 hour until all the fruit softens.

Thought for Today:  Every moment can be turned into joy, if not poetry.

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  1. Lovely memories, poetry and compote! Thanks for sharing! xxoo LVL

  2. Oh Barbara! Things are looking terrific here in your little cyberspot! Your compote looks delish too! I found a nice one last year when I was doing a blogshare that you and your mother might like ... check out the labels in The Spice garden to see if it's something you might enjoy! I plan on making yours to have over frozen yogurt ... I need to get back on a lower cal diet ... but desserts still call!

  3. dear barbara,
    your post today is food for the soul. so nourishing and rich with life's deepest gifts.
    a garden waiting, family love, the awareness of seeing beyond the seeing, you have so captured my heart.
    thank you for giving me great pause, and stoking the fires of deeper awareness, filling me with gratitude and love.

  4. I am deeply moved by each tender haiku, the thread of life from one end to the other, tied together to create a whole.

  5. Great snippets, nicely transferred to haiku.

  6. Very poignant haiku for your mother. Love the ingredients in the compote, especially the ginger, and will try it - I love cooked fruit.

  7. Life in all it glory and not some ~ Your post is a treasure about life and aging ~and reality ~ Your haiku warm my heart very deeply ~
    glad you are 'translating one moment of time' with poetry ~ lovely work ~

    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  8. An interesting and insightful post. Your haiku sketch the moments in life so well.

  9. Love the idea of translating a moment at a time into poetry! And then follows two very personal and beautiful haiku! A moving post!

  10. You blog looks great!
    And I loved every bit of this post...
    3 haiku, a recipe and a very busy interesting life ♥

  11. Moments in time
    become moments in rhyme,
    and a blog is a way to relate them.

    Love the new background. Looking forward to more poetry about the grandson !!!

    1. Hey Don! Nice to 'see' you are out and about! Hope all is well and you are back home or looking forward to home very soon! Are you writing?

  12. I love that turning to poetry is such a healing force! Great haikus on topics of our lives...always changing, usually challenging, sometimes beautiful beyond our imaginations!

  13. I felt happy being here.. for more renewal visit me too:


  14. When Mama forgets her children, the world will end...

    Love Story

  15. Love your haiku and the look of your blog! I can't wait for grandkids so your haiku inspired longing.

  16. i love coming here this morning. the crisp green and white, your sharing and the thought for the day are a balm. thanks! happy sunday.

  17. I really enjoyed this post Barbara. Although it was tinged with sadness regarding your Mother I found it a very gentle, peaceful read and with mention of your grandson full of positivity for the future. It is so painful to watch our loved ones grow old and frail but so inevitable of course. The compote sounds delicious and seeing the prunes in there I'm sure it keeps 'everything moving' wonderfully ;-)

    Lovely Haiku and great new blog layout too!

  18. Hello Barbara, so much seems to be happening in your life - I am so glad you find time to write poetry and to read. Do please look after yourself - being a member of the sandwich generation is exhausting, both emotionally and physically.

    This is a lovely post. The compote sounds delicious - I shall have a go at making some.


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