Friday, August 31, 2012

Bridge to Autumn

Ocean breezes
under the second bridge
fishing for fluke

Drawbridge opens
letting summer go
sea gulls cry

The above haiku are a response to a challenge to write haiku with drawbridge as the subject.  The challenge is offered at Haiku Heights September Challenge.  I had no  picture of a drawbridge so I found another photo to post with the poems. This is the first time I have linked to this site.  Join the party!


  1. Oh, I love this. I can really sit and put myself right into it. Okay that's not worded quite right, but you know what I mean.

  2. I love the second one best! The image and the feeling are one. Great job! Great photo, too! You should think about writing a haiku-photo book.

  3. I like where you let the word Drawbridge take you. The words in the haiku with the photo you choose - I find very soothing.

  4. What a way to let summer raising the drawbridge! I like the visual!


  5. The second one is too good.. Keep writing..

    Someone is Special

  6. great haiku, espec. the 'letting summer go' under the bridge!

  7. seagulls won't be the only ones crying as summer goes. Nice haiku.

  8. Wonderfully composed. I love both verses, but my favorite is the second one. The second line of that haiku is so wonderfully found.


  9. Welcome to our circle of challenge ... I look forward to more visits.
    I like both of them, but the second one is my favorite. It brings me down memory lane!! The photo is perfect with it. DrawBridge

  10. Very creative. Opening of drawbridge to let summer go!

  11. Love the idea behind this one ... You write amazing ... am glad to follow your blog :-)


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