Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Love my CSA

    I rejoined my CSA ( Community-Supported Agriculture) today and I'm already  day dreaming about the vegetables and fruits to come.  This is our third year in a CSA  and we are loving it.   We discovered the Golden Earthworm Organic CSA  located in Jamesport New York,  last year and since the farm arranges drop-off points all over Nassau, our fruits and vegetables are delivered to a location closer to my house than my local supermarket!

    For me, it's the best of all worlds.  I can eat my veggies, support Long Island organic farmers, and not have to give up my flower garden to grow my own vegetables.  We also discovered some interesting foods that we never ate growing up in the 50's and 60's.

Last year we sampled gooseberries, kale, daikon radishes, heirloom tomatoes, rutabagas, leeks, celery root,  white turnips, exotic lettuces in addition to the usual cast of characters usually found in the produce aisle.

  I  like the idea of eating whatever is ripe in a given  week - it adds a sense  of mystery  to the meal planning.  And  a bit of a challenge too.

  One thing I've learned - when in doubt, grill it!  Almost all vegetables turn into delicious morsels when grilled!

Today's Take-Away -   Supporting local growers through a CSA, a farmers market or a community garden is a win-win for everybody.

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