Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hangin' With the Boy

   Fridays have become our day to fetch our grandson from nursery school and set off on an adventure before returning him to his mother later in the day.  It gives her some uninterrupted time and it gives us a chance to be young again, if only in spirit.  The body , not so much.

  All worries, aches and pains depart for a few hours when I get into three year old mode.  Henry is all about this instant in time.  With little concern about what happened last week or what might happen later, he is completely engrossed in the NOW.  His questions keep us hopping to stay one step ahead of him and it is especially wonderful to see again with new eyes, fresh to the world.

  He expressed the desire to "go to a museum,"  so we headed over to the Brooklyn Art Museum, a favorite haunt since his mom is an artist.  He was interested in the sculptures and was intrigued  with  how many different materials could be used for sculpting.  He liked the African masks and would have begun making one on the spot if someone had provided the materials.

  He showed us the "piano in a tree" sculpture, but was disappointed that the piano wasn't playing .  The last time he was there "it played by itself,"  he informed us.  Sure enough, the sign reported that the piano wasn't working.

  When we tired of indoor treasure hunting, we headed over to the Botanical Garden for some fresh air and flowers. Henry led us on a nature walk through the woodland garden, delighted that we let him decide which path to take when we came to a fork in the road.  He loves to sing and has recently been making up his own songs so our stroll through the garden was accompanied by his gentle rendition of his latest song.

  My  own children grew up too quickly, it is true.  Much as I wanted to remember each moment, they piled up on each other and then slipped into the misty past.  I waited a long time for a grandchild and now that he is here, I am recapturing some of those dim memories.

Today's Take-Away -  Find a little boy or girl to spend time with, revel in, and relive "childish" moments from the past while staying rooted right here in today.

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