Sunday, April 8, 2012

April - Perfect Month to be in the Garden

    The weeds are tiny!

    The weather is cool!

    The bugs are missing!

    April is my favorite time to get out into the garden and get my hands dirty.  I love to wander about, looking for my perennials, inspecting the ground for signs of life.  I can breathe in April and the garden smells good, especially if there are a few hyacinths and primroses in bloom.

     I usually find at least one stunned toad, newly crawled from his hibernation hideout, covered in dirt and  still a bit sleepy.  The birds are chasing one another, bent on mating right in broad daylight.

   Digging puts me in touch with my muse.  The minute I get down and dirty, I am lost in ideas for a poetry book focused on garden haiku, or a journal about my favorite herbal concoctions.

    Getting lost in the garden, mentally, not physically, is the whole point.  For me , it can be a very meditative activity or I can vent a bit of my frustration or anger at something or other going on in my life by pulling at the weeds with  a vengeance.

Here are some photos of my garden taken April 7, 2012.  Here in the Northeast, we are a few weeks ahead of schedule this year due to a mild winter.  I'm not so sure if this is "climate change"  and what the long term ramifications are, but in the short term, we are enjoying it!

Today's Take-away-  Gardening is good for the body and the soul.


  1. Your garden is gorgeous and your photography is amazing!

  2. Love this! The pictures are beautiful!! Keep up the good work.


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