Thursday, June 14, 2012

'Summertime' - Relaxin' With a Twist of Bluegrass

 " A painter paints pictures on canvas.  But  musicians paint their pictures on silence."  Leopold Stokowski

   Here's an unusual rendition of a quintessential American song from 'Porgy and Bess.'   Very laid back, perfect for relaxing .  And just in time for summer too.

What do you listen to when you want to relax and unwind from a stressful day?

 Today's Tip - When the music begins, close your eyes, take a deep breath, relax your shoulders and give yourself to the music for three minutes.


  1. Jane and I saw Doc do Summertime at Merlefest a terrific music festival in honor of Merle Watson, Doc's son. This rendition was most likely preformed in the mid 80,s as merle was killed in 1988 in a tragic tractor accident. Doc Watson, atrue American original died this past May at 89.

    1. You southerners really know your bluegrass! I love the way this song perfectly captures the feeling of a long, hot and lazy summer day.


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