Monday, June 18, 2012

The "I'm Never Going On A Diet Again As Long As I Live" Diet

  A number of people have asked recently if I'm on a diet in conjunction with  my new exercise regimen.  The answer is yes and  no.  I don't really believe in dieting in the usual sense of the word.  I've been on a diet (many times)  and I don't think they work.  So I've developed the "I'm never going on a diet again as long as I live" eating plan. It is very simple and, if I follow it, I lose weight!    And this 'diet'  is very easy to remember- just four words-----


     Less calories in, more energy burned. Voila -weight loss.  

  I guess the next question you may be asking is, what foods are allowed on this plan?  Only you can answer that question for yourself.  You can really eat any foods you want , just eat less and move more!!

   Technically you could eat McDonald's everyday for a month and if you eat less and exercised more, you would lose weight.  However, we all know what happened when a certain documentary  film maker tried that.  He was quite sick at the end of a month of eating only  fast foods.
  So,  if you are asking me what I think  a healthy diet is, the answer is more complicated.  It brings me to my version of the  "Prevent heart disease, cancer,  type -2 diabetes, memory loss and  hypertension  for as long as possible, anti-inflammatory,  have younger looking skin and more energy diet."   

  The good news is (and this is easy to remember too)  if I want to stave off decrepitude,  all I have to do is avoid                  
                              Processed Foods.
   This includes just about any food that comes in a box, can  or a package, that has been altered from its natural state in some way, that has been processed into something our ancestors would not have recognized as food.  It means avoiding food with twenty-seven letter chemicals added to it.  It means avoiding food with white flour, sugar,  most sugar substitutes and added  salt.  It means shopping the walls of the market and skipping the aisles for the most part.


Veggies on the grill, basted with olive oil

   So what  do I eat most of the time?  Think RAINBOWS.  The more colorful my plate, the better.  This means fruits and vegetables, lots and lots of them. (You knew that was coming, right.) I eat fruits and vegetables at every meal.  At least 5-7 servings a day. No kidding!

Rainbow Veggies Ready to eat

 There are other foods I feel strongly about too. Foods that are important for  the nutrients they provide.   They contribute to health in numerous ways. They include : tea, nuts, olives and olive oil, yogurt, beans, flax, oatmeal, herbs and spices, fish and fish oil,  tofu and some meats.   I also include a small amount of cheese because it tastes good and I often go meatless. 

That's it, folks.    There are a million theories about eating  and I've read them all.  This way of eating  makes  the most sense to me.  And I feel good when I eat this way.  

  Oh, one more thing.  When  I cheat, and I DO  cheat once in a blue moon,  I try to pretend I'm  French and just take a tiny portion.  (As in EAT LESS)

The  "INGOADAALAIL" Diet in a nutshell:

                                 Eat Less, Move More
                                 Avoid Processed Foods
                                 Eat Colorful Foods



  1. That all works well for me! Those grilled veggies look so good.

  2. How do you keep the beets from falling through the cracks?

    1. The beets are absolutely the best grilled vegetable! Cut them big and cook them longer.


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