Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Exercise Report for June

   Starting an exercise program the first week in June, what's not to like?   I hooked up with another blogger who hosts a 'Readers' Workout'  every Tuesday and I found out that announcing my intention on-line was very motivating!  And it is very interesting to read about other bloggers, their struggles and triumphs with an exercise program.  Here's a link to  Joy's Book Blog  if you want to check it out.

  I made goals that were easily attainable  and chose to exercise early in the morning.  I'm happy to report that I exceeded my commitment of minutes by about 300 for a total of 1200 minutes of exercise for this month.  I began doing some strength training and counted some heavy lifting and bending  in my garden in my minutes.

   I feel better than I did a month ago, am sleeping like a baby again and I dropped 2 pounds. If I keep up this pace, perhaps I'll be 12 pounds lighter by Christmas!  If only....

   I love the early morning and was often able to incorporate a meditation into my walk.  One of the joys of retirement is being able to spend more time on the "Wanna Do List"  and less time on the "Have-Ta Do List" and prayerful meditation , getting in touch with the Spirit within and listening to my heart to discern what God's plan is for me for this day is something I look forward to doing daily.   What better time to get in touch with Him/Her than on an early morning walk in June!

   There is a holistic connection that exists in the Body-Mind-Spirit continuum that warrants our consideration.

  Goals for July:

      Increase my exercise time to 1400 minutes.
      More strength-training
      Increase my speed/distance
      Eat mindfully
   Take-Away -  A month of steady exercising felt good -  physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


  1. Yay! I'm glad this is working so well for you.

    Early mornings are going to have to be my choice for the rest of the week -- the prediction is for several days at or over 100 degrees!

    I like the connection between exercise, morning, meditation, and discernment.

    1. Good luck exercising( or doing anything) in the heat wave! Drink lots of water.


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