Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Gorgeous Girls of June

   When we planned our  garden 14 years ago, our first priority was to create a space with interest 12 months a year.

   I visualized the garden  as a gigantic stage where glamorous plants come forward at their designated time and take a deep bow, dazzle for a  few moments then recede into the back round as others take their place.

   Some months are more challenging than others.  June is not one of them.  I could have made a  knock- your- socks -off- garden that performed brilliantly but only in June and July.

   Our garden  has evolved with a lot of help from my strong (and patient) mate,  lots of gifts from other gardeners and a lovely temperate climate.   I love what it has become.

   Here are the gorgeous girls of June.

Lace-cap Hydrangea was a gift from a neighbor

Tiny Fairy Roses remind me of a little girl who loved pink

Evening Primroses came from my cousin Mary's garden

Wild Daylilies moved to LI from Massachusetts

Coreopsis adds sparkle to an otherwise green area

Lamb's Ear - Children love this fuzzy plant

Coneflowers getting ready to pop

Butterfly Weed, Veronica and Yarrow

An Astilbe Forest

Dahlias  and Lavender dress up the driveway

    June is truly a gift from God, the Master Gardener. Enjoy.

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