Monday, May 7, 2012

You Asked For Garden Photos, Here They Are


       I spotted the first iris of the year opening in the pouring rain on Saturday.  As soon as the rain stopped, I went out and took some pictures.  Originally I planned to just shoot the iris, but as I looked around, I noticed so many other beauties, shyer than the iris, but no less beautiful. 
    Many woodland  wildflowers bloom in April and May and are lovely but they are less showy. than most garden flowers.  You have to get up close to admire them.  Being from the woods, they tend to grow nicely in the shade, a plus under the cherry tree. Many do double duty as ground covers, keeping the weeds down.  
     This year  my wild columbine, which has been reliable for many years, is missing and I'm  not sure why, but I will try sowing some seeds I saved last year to see if I can bring them back.
     A quick trip outside to snap a picture of a lone iris became a "woodland walk" and meditation on all the beauty I have surrounding me.

The first iris opens in the pouring rain

Love the beads of rain water on the flower

Squirrel's eye view

Bugleweed blooms in deep shade

Wild Geranium from my mother's garden

Lady's Mantle- medicinal herb, pretty ground cover

First Iris of 2012

Painted Fern loves the shade

Skimmia with newly forming berries

Forget-me-nots bloom in profusion and self-seed

Honeysuckle ready to open, attracts hummingbirds

First rose, ready to open on May 5 ???

Spiderwort- grows wild in the woods

Scilla from my mother-in-law's garden

Azalea-loved by the Admiral
  That's Daphne, to the right of St. Francis, a pink spring -blooming shrub with a wonderful scent.  Grows in shade too!

Thought for Today - I'm  happy to share photos of my early May garden.


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