Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fragrant Pink and One Little Friend

                                  "Let the north wind blow,
                                       the south wind too!
                                   Let them spread the aroma
                                      of my garden,
                                      so the one I love
                                      may enter and taste
                                      it's delicious fruits."
                                                                  Song of Songs 4:16

  This week my garden is all about shades of pink and fabulous fragrances.  The roses  and rhodos are in full bloom competing with the peonies for the  honor of most beautiful girl at the party!  What is blooming in your garden?

Glorious Peonies, but only for a week

These peonies were here when I got here in 1979 

Favorite Pink Rhodo lights up a shady spot
Peony Garden still blooming after all these years

Love Rose

Cinco de Mayo just getting warmed up

Carefree Rose, so delicate ,so fragrant

Carefree Rose bud

I'm trying Snapdragons to attract the Hummingbirds this year

I  like to cut peonies for bouquets to keep them from flopping over in the garden

And they  make the house smell wonderful

This Little Friend lives in my garden

Thought for today - Pink is like a tranquilizer for me and a perfect garden color, especially in late May.


  1. In a corner of the yard, between the deck and the library window, there are Roses with no known names, abandoned by the previous owner. Roses now tenderly nurtured for 30+ years. So pleasing to the senses. Yes, even the sense of pride.

    1. I've often wondered how long the peonies have been here. It is possible they are close to 60 years old since the house was built in 1951. Amazing!

  2. Beautiful! I know Tommy is truly enjoying the garden from heaven as much as I am from here! Thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Beautiful flowers! My grandma had peonies that she claimed were a hundred years old -- and she should know living on the same farm as her grandparents.

    1. It's true, peonies are well-known to be long lived. Do you have photos of your grandmother's garden to post on your blog?


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