Tuesday, May 29, 2012


  I used to be a runner.  I loved it and found time  in my busy day for a work-out no matter what.  I was running 3-4 times a week and lifting weights 2 x week.  Yoga was my choice the other days.  One day,  not too long after I ran a 1/2 marathon with my daughter,  I woke up and noticed that my joints were screaming one word over and over, 


    Pain, the  fifth vital sign, had entered my life and wouldn't loosen it's grip on my joints.  So I  sadly said good -bye to running. 

 That's when I became a walker, soon realizing that I could  exercise  nicely, thank you very much, with none of the pain!

  So I traded in my early morning runs for long walks at the beach or in the woods, with or without my best friend.  I discovered that walking is just as meditative as running and now I notice many interesting things I would have missed had I been pounding the pavement.  

  Recently, however,  my lazy human nature has been getting the best of me.  My list of reasons not to go for a walk grew longer and longer.

 1) It's too hot
2) It's too cold
3)  It's too early
4)It's too late
5) I'm hungry
^) I just ate
7)  The dog ate my sneakers
8) I just drank a quart of iced tea
9) It's raining
10) It's snowing
11) It's too humid
12) I have no one to walk with
13)  I have to get to work
14) I just got home from work
15)  I'm too tired
16) I'm too busy
17) I want to relax
18)  I'll just read one more chapter,then I'll go.

   The truth is only #8 holds any water(hee-hee) as an excuse.  So I was delighted to stumble upon a blogger who is also an avid reader and librarian.  She hosts a "Readers Workout" on her blog called  Joy's Book Blog and invites other bookworms who want to join, to post their progress with their exercise program.  I  thought, 

"This is just what I need to kickstart my sneakers into gear. "

 And if I publicly commit, then I'll be more inclined to keep at it.  The idea of exercising with other readers, however remotely, intrigued me.

  So, I am committing to 900 minutes of exercise during the month of June.  I plan to spend most of the time walking but will do two 30 minute strength training sessions a week.  I would like to add in some yoga but will wait until I'm a bit stronger.  Otherwise I'll be doing way more Savasana  than  Downward Dog.  
   I went for a long walk yesterday and took some photos along the way. (I LOVE my cell phone)  I'll share them in another post later this week perhaps.

   Are you exercising and if so how do you stay motivated?


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  1. I'm so glad that you're joining us! Public challenges really help keep me going with my exercise. It's especially helpful when I'm in a rut and need to add more variety -- as soon as I declare that to be true, I start varying my exercise.


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