Friday, May 18, 2012

Pregnant With Promise

Heavenly scent
Viburnum about to explode

Rhododendron in full bloom

Peonies ready to pop

Climbing Roses  open early this year

Honeysuckle - Calling all Hummingbirds

Yarrow flirts with a White  Cedar

Cinnamon Fern

Giant Hosta catches the late afternoon sun

Lady's Mantle ready for the show

      May offers so many rewards to the gardener.  The landscape is  pregnant with the promise of so much to come.  And yet, this lovely month  has it's own abundant pleasures too.  Many gardeners pine all year long for the month of May.

       The brilliant shades of green, so newly arrived, compete with one another for attention.  There must be more shades of green than any other color. I'm convinced, it's God's favorite color!   And in May, not a leaf shows damage from heat, humidity or insects.

      The budding flowers and shrubs are lining up ready to compete for our attention.  The Rhododendron and Azaleas are blooming, of course, and a few roses have decided to join the May party this year, not willing to wait for June.

     I find time everyday to wander around the garden, looking for surprises.  Sometimes I take my camera, trying to capture that elusive sense of peace I feel whenever I join the toads and bees in their playground.

      Thought for today -  A walk in a garden can be a meditation, a discovery, a contemplation, a time of peace, a time to give thanks.


  1. I had never seen orange-red honeysuckle before! Mine is yellow and white and grows wild. Beautiful pics!!

    1. Thank you. I love shooting my blossoms! The wild variety of honeysuckle grows here too but not on my property. I added the orange one to try to entice the hummers to visit sooner in the season. They usually don't show themselves until early August but they pass through in May.


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