Thursday, July 19, 2012

Did Someone Say Zucchini?

    Here comes the zucchini!  Last week I received 5 good sized zucchini squashes in my Golden Earthworm CSA box and two days later, my generous neighbor left 4 equally healthy looking zucchinis on my stoop.

It's an embarrassment of green squash. A plethora of zucca.  The quintessential mid-summer glut. And I just picked up this  week's share  a few minutes ago.  Guess what?  More zucchini!

But what is the point of all these veggies, if not to eat them when they are just off the vine. So I set out to find ways to slip those little green  devils into my recipes.

Here are three fast and easy ways to use zucchini.  As the summer wears on I plan to hunt up an old pickle recipe that is buried in my recipe box.  As I recall, it was easy and worked for zucchini and cukes.  For now, this is what we are eating:

Greek Potato Zucchini Bake

This recipe is strictly seat-of-the -pants peasant food.  I made it up as I went along.  I scrubbed and sliced 2 good sized potatoes , 2 zucchini  and  an onion. Doused them with olive oil then layered them in my favorite souffle pan. Potatoes, squash,  onions.  Sprinkle with fresh basil, hot pepper flakes, and lots of  feta cheese.   Then do it again.  Top with  chopped tomato, lots of fresh basil, and kalamata olives, pitted.
Bake in the oven on 350 for 20 minutes or until bubbly. Cool slightly and serve in wedges.  (We ate the leftovers cold for breakfast the next day.)

Add a salad and call it dinner!

Italian Style Zucchini Side Dish

Ingredients :
     Olive oil
                                 Salt and pepper to taste
                                 Romano Cheese, grated

Toss all ingredients into the foil, seal and put on the grill for about 15 minutes.

Put this on the grill with  chicken and baked potatoes - no pots to clean!

Pasta With Green Squash, White Beans and Fried Sage

Quickly saute the sliced zucchini with lots of garlic, onions and hot pepper flakes to taste in olive oil.  Add a can of white or cannellini beans and cook for another minute.  Go out to the garden and pick about 20 large sage leaves or buy them fresh in the market.  (Do not use dried)  
Cook pasta al dente and add it to the pan with the zucchini. Add some white wine. Mix well and reheat.  
Fry the sage leaves in a separate pan in olive oil until crispy.  Crumble over the pasta.
Frying the  sage gives  a very different flavor to this dish, not at all like the familiar Thanksgiving stuffing flavor. It can also be used to garnish soups and just about anything else.   Try it!   

We had lots of leftovers for a lunch the next day

Garden Sage

Experiment with new ways to use up all that zucchini!  Do you have a  favorite recipe for this ubiquitous summer veggie?  If so, I invite you to share it in the comments section  below.  Thank you!


  1. Have added your blog to my favorites, BHN! Your zucchini recipes sound wonderful. Feta cheese and I'm in! I have the standard zucchini pie recipe with the crescent dinner roll as the crust. If you're interested, I'll post or maybe I already have? With 1,000 + posts, I'm forgetting. Thanks for doing the Pinterest link. xxoo Nancy

  2. Drugi przepis muszę wypróbować, ale sama, bo mój mąż nie lubi cukinii. Lubi jednak potrawy z grilla, może więc da się skusić na jej zjedzenie. Pozdrawiam ( moja siostra też ma na imię Barbara ).
    The second recipe I try, but alone, because my husband does not like zucchini. But I love grilled food, and thus may be tempted to eat it. Yours (my sister's name is also Barbara).

  3. Both recipes are gorgeous, thanks.


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