Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Let's Go For A Stroll

Welcome to the calm before the storm... the storm of color that will erupt when June arrives in my garden.

Between the flashy daffodils and cherry blossoms of April and the peonies and iris' of June, my garden becomes a place to saunter from one little (delicate) wild flower to another.

  The colors are subdued and the blossoms are small. But the rewards of wandering around and looking closely are many.  I can while away an afternoon among these shy little gems.

Bleeding Heart just beginning to bloom

Wild Geraniums 
 These wild geraniums came from my mother's garden almost 20 years ago.  They return each year to wave to me like tiny purple flags in mid-May.

Cinnamon Fern 


Over in the herb patch, chives flower and add some color to a sparse -looking area.

Wild Columbine

Iris Getting ready for next week!

 One of the joys of an established garden is seeing the return of old friends each year.  Many of my plants were chosen because they are reliable and hearty.  I  have no patience for fussy flowers that require an undo amount of pampering.

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