Monday, January 6, 2014

Singing the (Winter) Blues

Heckscher State Park After a Snow Storm

They call it a cold snap - when the north wind rides into town with frigid temperatures on its back.  It feels like a slap across the face! 

 We are spoiled where I live since 'winter' usually means temperatures in the 30's. Tomorrow we will be tasting the cold air that many people endure for months in winter!  We are expecting the high temperature to be 11 degrees with lots of wind to make it feel colder.  

I can't do much about it except pull out the warmest coat I own(Thank you, Land's End,) find gloves and a wool hat and bundle up if I dare venture out at all!

Oh and because I'm a poet, I will try hard  to pay attention to the wind's song!

Stay warm!

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