Friday, January 24, 2014

Sculpting a New Landscape

The snow arrived, changing the look out my window.  The angles and designs drawn by the sun playing with the tree branches made for some interesting photo ops.  And I won't lie, it was about 7 degrees when I snapped these, from inside the house!

My days of 'HAVING' to go out in the cold weather are mostly over, so I get the best of both worlds... a warm porch to bask in the sun while admiring the  artistic renderings in my winter garden.

St Francis continues to hold down the fort all winter long, patient saint that he is.  He measures the snowfall, provides the doves and cardinals with a landing perch and I'm quite sure I've seen him chasing a few cats!

This white throated sparrow and several of its friends, came to call while I was taking my photos and, since he was obliging, I took his portrait.  He has lovely yellow markings on his head, in case you are interested.

How lucky am I that we didn't cut these Live-Forevers down in autumn.  They still look quite beautiful if, like me, you enjoy looking at flowers gone to seed.  To me, they resemble found sculptures. (and they feed the birds for most of the winter!)

This white tipped cedar continues to provide the only real green we have in the garden.  It is also a lovely hiding and roosting place for some of the birds who hang around for the snow.

The sun is creeping back, every day a moment or two more daylight and a millimeter or two less shadow.  I am not counting the days to spring though.  This scene in the garden comes only once a year and like the short-lived peonies in spring or the momentary blaze of color in autumn, I add this moment  of grace to my counted blessings.


  1. St. Francis offers up a bowl full of snow, as the swallow puffs his plumage to insulate his body against the biting winter wind. You have a wonderful eye for natures bounty, Barbara.

  2. Barbara, In love the sparkle of the snow and contrasts against the green and brown. And yes, I love plants that have gone to seed too:-)


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