Sunday, December 29, 2013

Winter Blessings

 The sky often gives us a peek at the coming weather a few hours or a day before it arrives.  Clouds roll in off the ocean and the sun struggles as the day progresses, peeking out for short periods and waning like an old moon by days-end. 

This was the case yesterday as we set off for a walk in the unseasonably warm temperatures. 

The Mallard Ducks and the Canadian Geese practice posing for still-life photos, their images reflected in the slate zen-like lake.

Occasionally, the sun pokes out for a moment or two, lending a sepia tone to a photographer's palette.

The wild wetland grasses manage to capture a bit of golden light before the sun fades into the clouds for good.

 This is why I go for a walk - to see this light, if only for a moment, caught in the feathery embrace of last summer's "weeds."

Today the 'weather' arrived.  The rain has poured down for hours and hours and as the moody sky gives us a winter storm.  We don't complain though, knowing it could have been snow.

Instead, we curl up with the Sunday papers, a steaming cup of tea and spend the afternoon watching our newest grandson sleep peacefully as the rain taps out a lullaby on the roof.

We count the ducks and geese......the lovely grasses..... even the gray rain - filled sky and, especially .....our new grandson..... among our winter blessings this year!


  1. Oglądanie pięknych widoków na spacerze było miłe, ale patrzenie na nowego wnuka pewno było cudowne. Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku !
    Watching the beautiful views on the walk was nice, but looking at a new grandson certainly was wonderful. Happy New Year!

  2. Barbara, I really love your photos!! I'm a huge fan of the wild grasses too, you have an artist's eye :-)


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