Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What a Difference A Week Makes!

I took some photos in my garden during the first week of December and discovered, if not a blooming parade of summer flowers, at least some quiet snippets of  late autumn beauty.

 The sage was still quite green and the skimmia had tiny flowers on it!
 I leave many flower heads in the garden for two reasons.  The birds visit from September to November to feast on the seeds and I enjoy the golden sculptured look of the spent flowers.

 The leaves remain on the beds all winter too.  They keep my perennials warm and  eventually break down  into compost.  If they are still around in spring, we rake them into the compost.

 The euonymus is covered with berries at this time of year - another food source for the birds.
 My rhododendron has set buds for next year already.  Now if only they can escape the notice of hungry squirrels in mid-winter.
 This week we woke to a lovely snow shower which dumped an inch or two of snow on us, turning the world outside my window into a white sculpture garden.

 The sage wears a white fur coat this week!

 The snow clings to the seed pods in new and ,sometimes, dramatic ways, creating some unusual patterns.

 St Francis stoically remains a fixture all year round. (I think the birds come to visit him, not me)

So while everyone else is searching the malls for the latest toys and the biggest bargains, I wait with quiet anticipation for the gifts of December to come to my garden - family, celebrations, a new season of cold and snow and a new season of renewal of the heart - with the retelling of the ancient story that still has the capacity to make hearts leap with joy! The Christmas Story.


  1. Your blog brings a peaceful quiet moment into my day. Beautiful, as always. It is a gift you have, finding beauty in every moment. Thank you for sharing yourself with us! Love this blog

  2. Barbara, I love all the dried pods and flowers--then love what the snow frosting did to them! You have snow cotton :-) Thank you for sharing all this natural beauty, it makes me so happy!

  3. Lovely series of images! The snow has left a blanket of white here too. Enjoy your week ahead!


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