Monday, November 4, 2013

Taking a Ride 'Out East'

 Riding out to the east end of Long Island in autumn is a treasured event for us and we try to go out several times if possible.  The landscape, although changing, is an idyllic throwback to how the rest of the Island was 50 years ago.  

One of our favorite places to stop  and linger, is the Peconic River Herb Farm in Calverton, pictured in several photos here. 

 In addition to having a wonderful selection of plants   and garden accessories, the Peconic River Herb Farm has evolved into one of the prettiest places I can imagine.  

Over the years, the owners have lovingly landscaped the gardens and they now rival  many of the country gardens on 'Gold Coast' estates.

I used to dream of owning an herb garden business in my younger days.  Alas that was not to be.

 Instead, I visit this lovely place, wander around for an hour or two, buying lots of plants and goodies for my tiny garden, and pretend that I have a 12 acre farm.

  It doesn't matter what direction one looks in, the view is terrific....... is the selection of perennials, herbs, annuals, shrubs and there is even an entire barn filled with all manner of delightfully kitschy accents for the garden.

Another wonderful place to visit is the lovely Lavender Farm called Lavender By The Bay located in East Marion. It has to be the most wonderfully scented place in the world!

There are lavender plants in every variety available for sale as well as lavender scented gifts and bouquets galore.

The lavender fields , shown below, in late afternoon, provide all the lavender one could possibly want.  I grow my own lavender, but that doesn't stop me from finding something pretty to take home.

Fifty years ago, the main crop on the North Fork of Long Island was potatoes.  Since 1973, when the Hargraves began growing wine grapes and producing wine, the North Fork has become a wine-making region. Wineries dot the area and wine tasting tours are very popular. We usually stop to buy a bottle or two.

And to take a few photos, of course!

I could almost believe I was in Italy!

  If you find yourself on Long Island, be sure to plan a day on the North Fork.  It is lovely! And follow the links above to find the hours of operation and get directions.


  1. A lovely account, Barbara. Herbs are sooooooooo wonderful! :-)

  2. Barbara, thank you for taking me on such lovely trip! I adore gardens, herbs and ponds. You took some really gorgeous photos, made me smile :-)

  3. Szkoda, ze nie mieszkam w Twoim kraju, bo z pewnością bym te miejsca odwiedziła. Wino z pewnością dorównuje włoskiemu. Pozdrawiam.
    Too bad I do not live in your country, he certainly would have visited these places. Wine certainly matched the Italian. Yours.


  4. Always wanted to go to the herb farm on Long Island! Will get there some day! We'll have to make a plan to meet there! Thanks for sharing your adventure, Barbara! xo

  5. Nice! I miss it. Ted


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