Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ode to Orange

Oh, there is nothing quite like orange, 
shot through with sunlight,

 bursting with the flavor of autumn
 against a dark blue sky,
opening the heart to a wild and wondrous dance.

Oh, there is nothing quite like the orange leaves,
bright flags the color of pumpkins and popsicles,

begging us to wander the woods to stare,
hoping our eyes remember
 the glory of orange
once winter gray arrives.

Oh there is nothing quite like burgundy,
or gold or rust or yellow fringed with chocolate brown,

to set off the orange 
and make the heart sing.

So grab a bit of orange,
keep it in the pocket of your heart,
ready to unwrap
on a dark day in winter,
when it is cold and gray and drear,
let it set you on fire,
so you can hear the rhythm
of orange
and dance again,
 a warm and wild autumn dance! 

©2013 BK


  1. Barbara, a lovely Ode! That fourth photo is so gorgeous--all the different colors--love it!

  2. Love the Blog! Found it on's list of elder blogs and we at are huge fans. I have to say I am a fan of the fourth photo too. It is wonderful. Thanks for the great share and we are adding your blog to our resource list for our home care students so they can adapt their clients to the blogosphere! lol

  3. The first photo grabbed me, then the words pulled my heart into energy of the piece. Wonderful work of art.


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