Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Wedding Celebration

Like a bad penny, I have returned.  
Recently, we celebrated the marriage of my niece Sara.  It was so nice to see the whole clan gathered together, something that doesn't happen too often. 

 While I was away, I worked on several poems and I was inspired by the young couple's evident happiness and sparkling joy, so apparent when they looked at each other.  I created this haiga  for them.

May they enjoy the sparkle for many, many years!


  1. Beautiful time of year to wed! May they have many years of happiness!

    Haiga ... a new poem form to explore!

  2. Hi Barbara!! I was just thinking of you and about to check my Spam folder to see if somehow you had ended up there--I've been missing your lovely words. That is a gorgeous haiga and I hope too for many many years of sparkle and sparks (the good kind) for them :-)


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