Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Haiku My Heart! Family

  There are some years when we celebrate family more than others.  This past year has been a banner year and the celebrations are continuing!  

   Last year we  had a wedding, and a 90th birthday party. Soon we will gather again for another wedding and several graduations both high school and college.  Later on this summer, a much anticipated and already beloved baby will arrive.

  Although the family is flung out across most of the East Coast, we delight and rejoice with one another at each and every milestone.

 My mother,at 90,is our matriarch, the glue which seems to hold us together.  Every one of her grandchildren and one great grandchild, adores her and she them. Although she does not get around so much anymore, she continues to be interested in all the accomplishments of her extended family.  

  On those occasions when we are all together, it is gratifying to look around the table, at all the glowing young faces,off-spring of my parents,  each one with his or her own unique features, yet all sharing a set of values , a sense of humor, and a sense of family - passed on from my parents.

 A light seems to shine from those young faces - connecting past to future - our hope for the world!   

©Barbara Kaufmann 2013

For Recuerda Mi Corazon'haiku my heart' 

Thought for this day -  It is good to gather and celebrate as family!


  1. So beautiful ... the garden and the sentiment! It IS good to have a tight family circle!

  2. Barbara--family is wonderful!! You put that so well and I love freckles ;-) Really warmed my hear with your wonderful words <3

  3. Family is so dear. Love freckles too !
    Happy Friday and enjoy the celebration !

  4. What a beautiful sentiment.

  5. is there anything more endearing than a large table filled with those you love? thank you barbara for writing a haiku where everyone finds a place to belong, and for also writing about your mother and the legacy of your parents love. today your tiny haiku is huge enough to hold us all.

  6. Delightful haiku!!! Wishing you more treasured memories!!! Cathy

  7. What a loving post and beautiful haiku tribute to your family and beautiful photo ~ Now you have a 'haiga' ~ Happy Weekend ^_^

  8. how wonder-fully joyful!!! I celebrate with you from the sidelines (I am of the freckled variety:-)

  9. Your haiku speaks on many levels, sometimes freckles are regarded as beautiful sometimes not, but as you say in the garden of love everyone has their place ~ thanks for the inspiration. x

  10. like a perfect garden, each individual making up the whole beautiful bunch!!

  11. Family, the gift that keeps on giving.
    Lucy you Barbara, your family is so full of love.


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