Monday, March 4, 2013

To the Moon and Back

   Much to our delight, we continue to have a weekly date with our favorite four-year old, Orange Sneakers.  Except for a week or two when he was not feeling up to par, we've been able to enjoy some winter adventures!

 Our little boy is getting bigger and has outgrown his flashy orange sneakers.  Now he wears cool black ones with just a dab of orange.

  He is changing right before our eyes in other ways too.  Physically he's more agile - able to scale the heights  at the playground without a second thought.  He rides a scooter, a tricycle and something called a scoot bike at speeds that test out ability to keep up with him!

  He came for a 'sleep-over' recently and spent much of the weekend constructing elaborate structures and inventing  imaginative stories to go with each creation.

Bunny wagon!  Just in time for a tea party.

   We went on an adventure to the local air and space museum where he became enthralled with the moon landing.  He was fascinated by the whole story of  the astronauts,  how the space crafts were built and  other details of space travel.   We saw a display that included  the Lunar Module, a video showing the landing and the suits used by the men who traveled to the moon.   The questions kept coming all afternoon!

Orange Sneakers has been very busy making friends this winter.    Our little man doesn't play by himself on the playground anymore! His new friend is Pink Sneakers!   

 Largely ignoring the adults who accompanied them, they went on an imaginary trip this past week..  They took off on a space trip to the moon (of course)  via the swings which launched them into space (with a bit of help from Pappa and Pink Sneakers' dad)  They brought the following items, all indispensable for a moon landing:  reindeers, hotdog soup, space suits for the reindeers , robots and a space 'vehicle' to drive on the moon.  

  They play all kinds of make-believe and although we are not included in the fantasy world any more, we like to eavesdrop.  Here they were making popcorn
in the sandbox - chocolate popcorn, of course!



  1. How sweet these memories will be for both of you.

  2. Bardzo miły i sympatyczny opis zabaw syna. Pozdrawiam.
    Very nice and sympathetic description of his son's play. Yours.

  3. The next time he visits on a rainy day, make a nice big bowl of hotdog soup for lunch.

  4. It is the most magical time of our lives ... being young, at one with our limitless imagination, and unafraid of what others think of our play. Nice to live vicariously for a bit,isn't it?

  5. Your little boy is so cute. I have a grandson about 2 1/2 so he reminds me of Will! Love his bunnies in a wagon and in a row... He is such a cutie! I am your newest follower and than you for following me. Love it. sandie

  6. Hi Barbara, What fun times you have with him. A child's imagination is so special and to enter that world and share it with them is such a privilege. I know he will always fondly remember his visits with you.


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