Monday, March 11, 2013

Marching in the Woods

  45 degrees and no rain!  No more excuses!  We took a four mile walk through the woods on Sunday and it was a perfect day for :

 hunting for spring green,

 taking photos of March,

holding hands, 

 noticing the sunsparkle on the lake

 watching shimmering shadows,

listening for the red-wing.

      March gets a bum rap but it is one of my favorite months! 

     With the anticipation of a child in the weeks before Christmas, I finally emerge from the warmth of my winter cocoon and go in search of spring. 

     It is a joyful journey because, no matter how bitter the winter, spring never fails to return!

     And she arrives, without fail, in March!


Thought for today:  March, I love you.



  1. Barbara, I love that word "sunsparkle" and the swan is magnificent :-) Thank you for sharing your joy and wonderful images!

  2. Oh, what a hopeful month March is ... and muddy too!

  3. awww, so lovely. it was a beautiful weekend. Glad u enjoyed yourself.

  4. I so enjoyed this walk! Especially as it has been snowing here since Saturday. These photos made me feel optimistic about spring - just what I needed! Thank you!


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