Friday, February 8, 2013

Hope for the Flowers

   Yesterday, I took a quick walk around the garden looking for some signs of spring. 

Tiny crepe paper petals

 My witch hazel (Hamamelis) never disappoints me.  It always blooms in early February regardless of dire weather predictions and cold temperatures.   Even when the bird bath is frozen and the anemic sun is still struggling to move north,  it unfurls  tiny flowers that look like confetti.

flowers in the snow
a good witch


February sun is enough for hazel
  Not much else going on, but then it doesn't take much to make a gardener's heart sing a spring song!  I find my garlic, small but  green and alive!

Garlic, planted in the fall, is coming up

Daffodils venturing out
The daffodils may be a bit premature but they pop early every year and seem impervious to the ice and snow, blooming in April no matter what.

Lenten Rose buds come right out of the frozen ground!
The Hellebore or Lenten Rose is sending out its flowers too and it will be blooming in early March even if we get the predicted blizzard.

Back inside!

When I'm too cold to putter, I return to the house and tend my indoor flowers, fussing over African Violets and Cyclamen .  I crush a bit of rosemary and a scented geranium leaf to inhale a whiff of  summer, then  pour myself a hot cup of herbal tea and wait for the snow.

Recuerda Mi Corazon 'Haiku My Heart'


  1. Nice play on words in this haiku Barbara! And maybe Punxsutawney Phil was right! I am so ready for spring :-)

  2. So delicate yet beautiful. We are in the midst of a blizzard - hoping we do not lose power. Have a good weekend.

  3. Oczar oczarował już swoimi pięknymi kwiatuszkami. Pozdrawiam.
    Witch has already charmed its beautiful flowers. Yours.

  4. Those hamamelis blossoms are like little ruby jewels, especially in that second photo! What variety of witch hazel -- do you know? It's a pretty one.

  5. How wonderful to live life slow enough to have tea and wait for in the desert I'd be waiting a long while. :-)

  6. The best! Looking for these tiny signs...a bit of color here, a tiny green sprout there. Love the witch hazel!

  7. Ah lovely! Of course I'm biased. That's my namesake :)

  8. Love the spidery tendrils of that flower and the cute haiku complementing it!

  9. Hope for the Flowers! I remember reading that book...
    and reading it to my kids too...
    thank you for the tour, spring flowers are some tough people ♥♥

  10. Your words flow with the rhythm of a poet's heart.
    Your eyes see what so many others miss.
    The world of your garden; built with your hands, seen with your eyes, felt in your soul,
    so beautiful, so inspiring!

  11. Such a lovely garden, I am envious of your babies ~

    I can see spring slowly unfurling here ~ Sadly, we are buried deep in snow ~

  12. Doesn't all of that want to make you jump for joy, Barbara! Need to get me a witch hazel or two! Hope to get out tomorrow and take some shoots or shots of the garden. See what's going on. xxoo LVL

  13. Oh, this is so different..A beautiful haiku!!. I am happy to be here..hope you will too be happy visiting me here:


  14. Barbara, Love this stroll. I've never seen witch hazel in bloom! Wonderful-you caught the lighting just right. Thank you for sharing your garden. Looking forward to the Spring:-)


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