Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Armchair Trip To Italy

Off the beaten track in Rome

 A friend recently returned from a trip to Italy and her photos and stories brought back memories of our wonderful jaunt several years ago.

rooftops through a window
 I dug out my photos and relived the trip on a recent wintery afternoon.  Many of the photos I took were iconic shots like  the Colosseum, the Vatican,  fabulous church interiors, romantic shots of Venetian canals and other familiar landmarks. Like this:

Quintessential Venice

I noticed that these weren't always the photos that brought me back to that time and place though.

Vegetable market in Venice
   The photos that transported me to the sights and smells and sounds of Italy were the ones I took as we wandered around ancient back roads and down city alley ways.  They are not the readily recognizable places.  Nonetheless, for me, they are Italy.

I'm a sucker for columns and shadows
  I fell in love with the cobblestone streets, the ancient fountains,  the tile roofs,
and would still be there, standing on a corner in some small town trying to decide on the best angle to capture the light and shadow and show off  the flower boxes or clay pots to their best advantage.

Dusk in romantic Venice

For better or worse, the Admiral was there to keep me from running completely out of control.  

Stone and flowers

My favorite Venetian mask!

One of two brides I  captured on film

Mary art on a wall 

Fountains everywhere

Rainy street in Florence

Tile roof seen through a stone fence

Lights and Shadows on a ceiling

through a doorway

A work of art

a well placed clay pot

tourists in the rain

Art work for sale in a restaurant

Stairway to our apartment

bedroom in our apartment

Florence restaurant

Umbrian hillside

near Assisi

another fountain

Did I mention I like fountains?

bread and pastry heaven

OK so I went a little crazy with the fountains

So many alleys to explore

sausages for sale

late day silhouette 

nice ironwork to go with the stone walls

I tried to get lost but SOMEONE  kept finding our way back!

Cat with a view

Lunch with a view

Motorcycle with a view

Ready to pick

Every window looked like this

Hiking  old roads

decorative wall

one of our hotel rooms

rooftop patio

dinner for two

flowers everywhere

stone and clay-so warm on a cold winter day

Great place for lunch(and wine) during a downpour

Iron gates with a beautiful courtyard beyond

I was probably in a museum when I took this

    After taking this stroll down memory lane, I am dreaming about another trip to Italy.  Maybe if I skip eating, sell the cars and  start walking and sell one of my children, I can save up for another trip before I die.

Warm Thought for Today - When the snow flies outside my window, I can warm up with an armchair visit to Italy!  I think I'll take some pesto sauce out of the freezer for dinner tonight.


  1. W pięknym kraju, w którym byłam już kilka razy zrobiłaś cudowne zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam.
    In the beautiful country in which I did a few times wonderful pictures. Yours.

  2. So wonderful!! I really enjoyed that visit through the lens of your camera, you have a great perspective :-)

  3. Looking forward to going back to Italy some day soon. Was a teenager a long time ago when I was last there. Your photos bring back wonderful memories! Thanks Barbara! xxoo LVL

  4. The colours in your photos are so evocative and the way you captured the shadows is superb. I love Italy - and I really enjoyed revisiting it through your beautiful photos. Grazie!


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