Monday, November 19, 2012

Textures of November

  Time to put bright color away for a time and focus on the textures of an overcast November walk. Mother Earth has treasures at this time of year, subtle and nuanced.  

The woods and marshland nearby provide a dose of fresh air on an overcast afternoon

My beloved reeds have set seed with  billowy cotton puffs to help them fly away.

Patches of watery pond and stream mirror the drab colors and reflect only shades of gray and brown.

These spent asters give no hint of their  recent lavender color.  

Even this swan sees his reflection in a lake of sepia glass.

This  Downy Woodpecker provided the most vivid color of the day with his tiny  red hat.

Five things to love about November:

 1)  Exercising is easier in the cool weather.
 2)  There are no bugs.
 3)  Hot tea.
 4)  Giving thanks.
 5)  The sparkly holidays are just around the corner!

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  1. I like your 5 things good about attitude often can be just say, "no".

  2. What beautiful photographs! You're right, there are plenty good things to appreciate this month!

  3. Niestety nie jest to dla miły miesiąc. Jest u nas szary, smutny i jest krótki dzień. Pozdrawiam.
    Unfortunately, this is not for a nice month. It is in our gray, sad and a short day. Yours.

  4. Your photographs are always spectacular. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I can hardly believe that it's nearing the end of November...the days have been so warm here that I still think it's September! Thank you for the reality check, as I'm surely in denial! Your list of November thankfulness is a wise one, to be sure!

  6. i love your autumn walk and each declaration of beauty even in the somber tones of this quiet season.

    thank you for alerting me that i had left out the time to add in the elmers glue, i have made the correction, which is to add it to the mix after the applesauce!

  7. I love seed-setting time, and I'm glad to know that you do too!

    Postcard of Poems


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