Sunday, August 5, 2012

Poetry Party

  Writing poetry has given me a new pleasure in my life.  Although I've written poetry off and on for many years, I have been penning many more poems recently and it feels like a new part of me has opened up to both receive the world around me, the sun, the sky and the flowers and offer it  back to the universe in my own words.

   Poetry, both the reading and  the writing of it,  with its economy, its passion, its immediacy and its rhythms, fills a need in me that prose never did.

   This poem was  inspired in part by my recent vacation in the mountains and by Abbey of the Arts Poetry Party where is is posted. If you like to write poetry, join the party!


August, full of hazy smog,
 holds its breath,
 heavy blossom scent
  hangs in the airless air,
  leaning on my chest.

I escape for a  week
 to the cool Catskills, 
flush with sky blue
and deep green woods,
I breathe mountain air.

When I return
 I find  the garden
 worked overtime 
in the thick August heat
while I hiked  foot hills.

  Garden bounty on display,
 bonanza of beans, 
  plethora of peppers,
 basket full of basil.

I barely breathe, 
waiting for the front
to storm across the island
and rinse away sultry air.

I search the sky for mountain blue
knowing  it will return
to the coast,
filling  me with gratitude
for summer joys.

A midsummer sigh
 August exhales
 my soul expands.

Today's Thought -  Reading and writing poetry can be a way to unlock secret treasures in my heart and soul.


  1. As we give, we get, cast and retrieve, speak, listen, and learn. Ah, poetry !

  2. Beautiful! Both the poem and the photos!

  3. Jeśli sprawia Ci przyjemność i radość pisanie wierszy, to masz okazję przedstawiać je na blogu. Pozdrawiam.
    If you pleasure and joy of writing poetry, you have the opportunity to present them on the blog. Yours.

    1. Thank you for visiting. I have a drawer full fo poems-in-progress. Some I post on the blog, others I send to magazines in hopes of publication.


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