Friday, August 31, 2012

A Last Look at August

   The first sign that August is over , if I am paying attention, is the change in the  slant of the sun.  The garden seems lit in new and mysterious ways.

   The green is somehow calmer, greener yet resigned to the  coming change.

   Next I may notice the air, a coolness contained within the heat of a grand summer day.

  The monarchs arrive sucking all the nectar they can find. In a kind of butterfly frenzy, they splash pollen everywhere.  Imagine the fate of the world may be in their delicate wings!

  As I wander through my lovely little piece of this multicolored earth, I imitate the butterflies and suck up the beauty, the mystery and the peace of this moment in the life of my garden.  All is gift.

Green Beans for dinner tonight

The early morning sun lights up the anemones, making them dance in the spotlight

Luscious Lemon Verbena ready for harvest

The butterflies will come later, when the sun is higher

Live-Forevers ready for their show with spent coneflowers in the back round,  soon to be seed for the goldfinches

Goldenrod ready to give us the gold

Anise Hyssop captures sunbeams for the bees

Autumn bloomers ready to go

There are fewer blooms on the roses but they are no less beautiful

Toad Lily hugs a shady corner

  Time to say a sweet, sad goodbye to August. 

  The good news:  HELLO SEPTEMBER!



  1. I'm sad to see August passing too. Your garden looks so much more lush than plants were so devastated by the drought, that I'm already starting to think of new beginnings next spring. If only winter wasn't in between those seasons! (o:

    1. We have been very lucky. So far, there is no drought on Long Island where I live. I agree winter is challenging for gardeners. For me, it's a time to explore other comforts. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Hello September, indeed! Your late August garden looks rich and content. It all looks good, especially those anemones in the sunlight. Delightful.


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