Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Day At The Beach

It seems there are snow storms raging across a large swath of the country this
winter.  The frigid winds are even blowing across the southeast with a vengeance and many snowbirds who thought they had escaped are finding out once again what winter feels like.  

So, I see no reason to post photos of the snow that is piling up on my garden. You've seen one picture of snow, you've seen them all.  Today I'm taking you on a photo trip to an ocean beach not far from where I live.  

We were there a few weeks ago, on a mild winter afternoon, in between snow storms.  I am fascinated by the landscape, the vegetation and the endlessly changing sky at the beach.  

These beach plums shrubs will glow with lovely white blossoms in a few short months.  Right now they paint black lines across the winter sky.

The grasses continue to stand all winter turning to the color of wheat by mid-winter.

We were lucky.  There was no wind and the temperature was in the 40's.  We walked and walked until the sun hung low on the horizon and the sky became even more photogenic.

And just a glimpse of the golden sunset reflecting off the water, is enough to feed my spirit until spring.

A few days after we visited the beach, I read that there are some snowy owls wintering at West End where we walked.  Next time we are taking the binoculars!


  1. I am sorry that you are experiencing such challenging weather. I hope it passes soon. I am delighted though that you got out to the beach and returned revitalised. The photos are lovely. Spring will be with us soon...

  2. Dziękuję za spacer po plaży i cudowne widoki nieba. Pozdrawiam.
    Thank you for a walk along the beach and wonderful views of the sky. Yours.

  3. Barbara, I love sand dunes and grasses and Big Open Sky, absolutely beautiful! Thank you :-)


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