Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Embracing and Letting Go

This has been a long summer for me, a summer of  letting go of what  no longer  is and embracing what, very much is!  I have been recovering from abdominal surgery....had to let go of a large chunk of my insides which was putting me constantly under the weather. Thankfully, I don't have any diagnosis which would necessitate further treatment or worry!

 I learned, first hand, from the patient's point of view, about what it means to be kind to yourself and allow the healing to take place, slowly, in its own time.  I learned to let others care for me and I learned to trust in God that I was right where I should be. 

And I also learned that walking really IS the best exercise no matter what your pace or distance.  It brings strength and lifts the spirits. I am still not back to my daily four miles but I am slowly getting there.  My legs have lost a lot of strength and regaining it, at my age, IS HARD WORK!

I've had lots of time to think, to meditate, pray and write.  My book of poetry is coming along and most of my poems still hide out on my other blog (so far, my secret blog.)

A Walk in the Woods - Altered Photo and Text ©2013 BK

 I am experimenting with a new art form, altering my photos with a program Daughter Artist shared with me, called PicMonkey.  I have never fancied myself an artist, but I am having fun creating or rather recreating my photos.  The camera goes everywhere with me. (One advantage of a slower pace - I notice more of the Creation.)

At the same time this summer brought me the singular joy of grand-parenthood- a second grandson.  This is where all the embracing comes in.  Michael arrived three weeks early (on July 11) surprising his parents and everyone else too! I am, of course, in love again. After the stress of the NICU for eight days, his Mom and Dad brought him home. He was a tiny one but his mother put her mind to nursing him and he quickly caught up and now looks like the healthy two month old he is! 

Every morning, I thank God for him, for his wonderful parents,  and for all of my blessings.  

Thought for Today : My cup runneth over!


  1. What a summer, Barbara. I am so pleased to hear that you and your new grandson are making good progress. What I love about this post is that you have found that you have much to be grateful for, even though times have been so difficult. You are an inspiration. I look forward to enjoying your poetry blog.

  2. So glad to hear about the embracing...so true, when we do that, good things happen. I also lost leg strength after being in bed for a long time and you are so right, it takes patience to recover that lost strength. It was so hard, but I walked and gardened (like a mad woman) anyway. I am so pleased that I did. :-)

    I like this recreated photo very much. It captures the enticing mystery of nature.

  3. Barbara, welcome back!! Congratulations on your second grandson, and here's hoping that you keep feeling better every day. Walking is wonderful--I'm impressed that you were walking 4 miles before! Good for you! :-) Don't keep your talent under a bushel--share. And your artwork is lovely, keep it coming <3 Healing Hugs!!


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