Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Postcards from My Winter Garden

        Our back yard  was planted with an eye toward having interest 12 months a year.  January is the most challenging month in my part of the world.  

       There is only one slender possibility of a flower appearing in January and that is  dependent on two things--- remembering  to plant pansies in October and  a thaw that lasts a few days to give the intrepid pansy a chance to feel the sun long enough to send out a pathetic flower or two.
  I get my garden fix this month in other ways.  The evergreens, paths, trellises and stones and the bare branches of deciduous shrubs and even the old seed heads  create a soothing place for my eyes to wander, if not my feet.  

 When I do go outside, I hunt for signs of life like these andromeda buds which add some color and promise flowers in early March.

  I am always happy to find that my lavender is still alive, huddled next to the south -facing garage wall, looking pale as a winter ghost, but still alive!

 When  snow arrives  the winter garden  becomes a magical place of long shadows,

and artful designs created by Mother Nature


 My sage, trying valiantly to be an evergreen, is slowly succumbing to the numbing temperatures of the last two days.


The bare branches of the cherry tree seem to reach for the sun's warmth and when I look up at the right moment, a cloud passes, and the sky offers me a fleeting glimpse of the bluest blue against the blackened tree.

   Still hungry for flowers, I spot last summer's hydrangea, with paper thin brown remnants of her petals still hanging on.  They look lovely against the snow.

 Even the garlic chive stalks offer  a winter work of art for my garden starved eyes.

   And these leftover flowers caught just enough snow to change their looks, like a woman putting on a winter white fur coat!

     When I grow tired of the 'blooms' in the winter garden, I retreat to my warm sunroom where I can while away the winter, looking at my favorite garden catalogs and dreaming about what I will plant when spring arrives.

First light after the first snow of the year

Take-away for today - January has its own pleasures,  I just have to look a bit harder.  The good news is, no weeding!!


  1. Barbara, really enjoyed this walk through your winter garden--Thank you!

  2. Miło było poznać Twój śnieżny ogród. Jednak niech ta zima już się skończy i przyjdzie wiosna. Pozdrawiam.
    It was nice to get to know your snowy garden. But let this winter is going to end and spring will come. Yours.

  3. Love your winter garden, Barbara. Have a bucket over the chamomile. Fingers crossed it made it through! xxoo LVL

  4. I love the simplicity of the winter garden. I enjoyed walking through your garden from the warmth of my home - thank you. Your sage looks happier than mine, which has been under snow for 10-11 days. I am seriously regretting not bothering to take cuttings.

    Lucky you, having a sun room!

  5. What a beautiful contemplation on this season and your garden ...

  6. Oh my, I have so much work that has to get done in my yard, and no energy left to do it. May the good Lord grant me the strength this Spring to do what I have to do. In the mean time I will have to enjoy your poetic strolls through your garden. Thank you Barbara.


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