Thursday, December 6, 2012


  we wait
with silent winter stars
come, Lord

December is, above all, a time of waiting.
We wait for Christmas to arrive,  for the silent darkness of the solstice, for the  sun to begin it's slow return, for our hearts to change.
Too often,  December becomes a frantic time of stress with too much to do and not enough time to do it.  There is little time for reflection and self-care.  We can arrive at December 25 exhausted and vaguely unhappy.
Taking time to ponder,  to enjoy the wait, to step back from the frenzy of consumerism can be nourishing.
Although I am not a fan of what plays on most radio stations during the month of December,  called 'holiday music,' I do look forward to hearing certain pieces of music which seem to replenish the spirit and add quiet joy to the season.
Here is a bit of Advent music guaranteed to calm and bring a sense of that peacefulness,  which seems, so often, just out of our reach. Click through to You-tube, close your eyes and enjoy.

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  1. The month of winter is here ... have a great December !!!

  2. Beautiful--you might also like Barber's Adagio for Strings

  3. Thank you for giving such a nice gift to your readers ... it truly is restful ...

  4. Love this music ~ thanks for sharing this creative inspiration ~ (A Creative Harbor) ~ aka 'artmusedog' ^_^

  5. I wait as well. Your post made me think, and at first, i didn't want to respond, but I came back to say that I wait for the Solstice. In the deepest darkest part of December, the Solstice starts the renewal of life and light. It is my favorite time, my favorite night. This year, i will attend ceremony on that night. I can't wait. Radio stations can be changed, but the piped in music where you might shop is what eats away at me. I mean, i just wanted a quart of soy milk. I didn't want to listen to Christmas carols. In fact, if they were "good" music, why don't they play them all year long? Just sayin'
    Christmas is anti-climatic and has lost all substance. As an individual living with the blessing of three generations of family, it is hard to bring forth the true meaning amidst the shopping and greed, but I concentrate on the food and give that freely to all that enter my home. Good post. Thanks.


  6. I am happy that you returned to comment. We all feel that longing ....for light...for peace....for community..... for love. Music helps me find that place of comfort. And I love that I can find simple joy in the music of many cultures. Although very different from the piece I posted, native indigenous drumming can also get me there. Have a peaceful solstice celebration!

  7. I love it Barbara--gorgeous haiku!

  8. This year, I have been brought to tears and deep emotion when I have heard real Christmas carols, like Oh Holy Nigh. It returns me to the Christmas of my childhood when I sang in the choir at church. This return to the true emotions and meaning of Christmas and this Solstice time give me hope.
    Glad to know you share it.
    Peace and light to you and yours !

  9. The Lights at Longwood will be through January 6th only, Barbara. Lovely rendition of O' Come Emmanuel! xxoo Nancy

  10. A lovely invitation for us to slow down and savor the now.

  11. Hi Barbara,
    First, your haiku is so pretty♥
    And thank you for sharing this video!!!
    My 2 favorite instruments and so I listened to it twice.
    And then I started stalking them on you-tube...
    I almost forgot to leave you a comment, lol.
    Thank you♥

  12. Waiting is not always easy, at least for me. But I find that if I do it in silence, something (perhaps Someone) grows inside of me.

    Mary in Disguise

  13. I recently posted about 'exquisite moments', this video would fit into that category! Thanks you for sharing, like Lisa I'm going to listen again! You know what we need in this franetic season! x

  14. Beautiful calming music, thanks for sharing.

  15. Waiting with the stars...what better way to wait? Heavenly!

    Last Night’s Tea Flowers


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